Why Should I Volunteer?

Cardinal Meets Volunteers

Volunteering is an opportunity to offer your time and skills, without monetary or material reward, for the benefit of others. We are all blessed with different gifts and skills, and the benefits of sharing those gifts and skills through volunteering can be life changing for you and the people you work with.

Many people fit volunteering around careers and other responsibilities, so don’t be put off by thinking that volunteering requires a large time-commitment. Any contribution of your time, no matter how small, will be gratefully received.

There are as many ways to volunteer as there are volunteers. A wide variety of organisations need volunteers and there is something out there to suit everyone. Have a browse through some of the current opportunities and consider what skills and time you can offer, and what might be best suited to you. 

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is…

  • Rewarding and satisfying
  • A chance to give something back to your local community
  • An opportunity for personal growth
  • A way to help people in need
  • A chance to be an advocate for something you feel passionate about
  • A positive force for change, for individuals and for communities.

Volunteering allows you to:

  • Make a difference to other people’s lives
  • Build your confidence
  • Meet new people
  • Be a valued part of a team
  • Gain new skills and experiences
  • Explore your career choices and boost your options
  • Use your existing skills in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

If you would like to volunteer, take a look at current opportunities here

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To find out more about volunteering, click to read the JVN's new Companion Guide to Volunteering

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