Walsingham Pilgrimage 2018

Monday 21st May 2018
Slipper Chapel, Walsingham

Catholic Deaf Association annual pilgrimage to Walsingham

Walsingham, Our Lady's shrine in England; what a beautiful day we had there.  With the sun shining down on us we were truly blessed as we met there for the annual Catholic Deaf Association pilgrimage. Both for those familiar with Walsingham and those visiting for the first time, the shrine made us so welcome.

Walsingham walk to the ShrineOur pilgrimage started with a reflection on the joyful mysteries led by Bishop Paul Hendricks and then with the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham we walked the mile to the Slipper Chapel and the Catholic shrine.  Mgr John Armitage welcomed us at the beginning of our reconciliation service reminding people of the story of Walsingham.  957 years ago Our Lady asked Lady Richeldis to build in Walsingham a replica of the House of the Annunciation in Nazareth.  Walsingham, in medieval times ranked as one of the four great places of pilgrimage in Christendom.  It was thanks Charlotte Boyd who in 1897 set out to restore the ancient Shrine and bought the Slipper Chapel so that it could once again be used for Catholic worship.  Today many people travel to Walsingham on pilgrimage seeking the guidance of Mary and looking for the peace which is found here in abundance.Slipper Chapel

Our reconciliation service and our Mass both reminded us of the importance that Mary has in our lives, the Mother of God yet our Mother too. Fr Jim Clarke explained to us that God wants us to be perfect like Jesus is perfect. No easy task.  For us we can look to Mary for the perfect example to follow. Her fiat was emphatic with what must have seemed such a difficult thing to accept; a young unmarried woman to become the Mother of God. Fr Jim encouraged us that when it feels like things seem impossible and life gets too tough try Mary. Ask her to pray with you and for you, to help you ask God for all you need to follow Christ's example and say "yes" as positively as Mary did.

As we headed home we each took with us some of that peace of Walsingham to share with our family and friends at home and with all those we meet.


Deaf Mass Walsingham  Candles at Walsingham


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