Volunteers are more often than not the backbone of charities and many organisations wouldn't be able to operate effectively without them. The Charity Commission claims that over half of the registered charities are run entirely by volunteers. Increasingly it is recognised that volunteering is a valuable resource and should be managed and supported as effectively as possible.

When involving volunteers there is much to consider, such as how to recruit and manage volunteers. You might already have a developed a volunteering programme or you might be new to involving volunteers in your organisation. 

Our overarching aim is to help you find potential volunteers and once you have recruited them we hope you will look after them and keep them for a long time to come!


Registering with Caritas and posting volunteering opportunities

Please click here to register your organisation on our website and post volunteering roles that all our volunteers will be able to view. For a guide on how to register and add volunteering opportunities please click here.

From experience we know that voluntary organisations compete for attention so it is important to excite potential volunteers about your cause and how they can contribute to your charities’ overall mission.

After you registered your organisation on the Caritas website you can post a volunteering opportunity. Be clear on the kind of tasks involved, the skills and time required and how flexible you can be on requirements.

It is free to register and upload your volunteering roles on the Caritas website. 

Any organisation registering on the site must agree to our safeguarding policy, which can be found here.

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