March of Solidarity

On Sunday 8th July the Auberge des Migrants March of Solidariy will arrive in London. The march started on the Italian border at the end of April and came up through France. The march is one of soldiarity for the hundreds of migrants who must make dangerous journey's to reach safety. On their website Auberge Des Migrants say: 

'We walk to welcome refugees.

'We also walk to demand freedom of circulation and establishment for the refugees arriving in Europe,and particularly the end of the blocking of both the franco-italian border (in Ventimiglia) and the franco-british one (in Calais)

'By walking, we also affirm our solidarity with refugees.

'We demand the opening of real welcome centers for all arriving refugees and also demand that our solidarity stops being seen and often judged  as a crime by the authorities and for our humanitarian help to stop being discouraged by those same authorities.'

All our welcome to join in with the March, and AdM have shared some practical information: 

Initial plan:
Hyde Park -  start time has changed to noon, see update, below
Hosted by Hopetowns, Help Refugees and Auberge des Migrants
You can indicate intention to attend, or your interest, on the Auberge's Facebook "Event" page -
Calais Reunion & March Finale!

Today's update:

On July 8, a bus will be available from Calais to go to this London event, but you must register, again on . If you come to Calais by car, then of course, you will return by car and can may be offer some seats to others wanting to go to this London event. Please do so here?

The bus will arrive earlier than originally planned in London. The marchers will be in Hyde Park around noon time to meet all of you who have been or still are involved with or sympathetic to the refugee cause, and to greet and exchange with as many refugees as possible from Hopetowns or simply living now in the UK.

We hope there will be many people in Hyde park so we can show our governments that the civil society of Europe is still strongly working together to demand a better welcome of refugees, as we did so well in Calais during the Big Jungle. [Details about exactly where in Hyde Park will be available nearer the date.]


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