Easter Triduum 2018

Thursday 12th April 2018
Easter Sunday 2018

Holy Week with the Deaf Community and the Srs of the Assumption

The cheers of Palm Sunday have faded as we enter the Triduum; the 3 days of Christ’s death and resurrection. Fr Robin reminded us that wMaundy Thursday 2018e are lucky, we know that like the fairy tales of our childhood, Cinderella, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk, that Holy Week has a happy ending but the disciples had no idea. That Last Supper, Jesus sharing bread and wine with his disciples, for us the first supper; the first time the words we know from Mass “...this is my body which will be given up for you ....this is the chalice of my blood .... do this in memory of me” are spoken. Those words which are so familiar to us must have been confusing for the disciples. On Maundy Thursday, the start of our journey on this Easter Triduum we remember Jesus washing his disciples feet, becoming a servant. As we journey through Holy Week let us follow the example of our Servant King and serve one another.

Good Friday 2018On Good Friday we walk the way of sorrows, as we remember Jesus on his way to Calvary. We prayed the stations of the cross with the Srs of the Assumption in their beautiful chapel remembering together how Mary and the other followers of Jesus watched the horror unfolding in front of them,   Jesus; their leader, Mary’s son, innocent of his crimes, being crucified. At 3pm we celebrated the Lord’s Passion. The retelling of the those final days and   hours of Jesus’ life, the cutting off of the soldier’s ear, of Christ being slapped, of Peter denying he knew Christ, the freeing of Barabbas, we are reminded   of those same voices who a week before were shouting “hosanna” are now shouting “crucify”. Fr Robin told us of an occasion when he was leading Stations of the Cross acted out by children. The little girl who was playing Mary had designs on an Oscar and let out a huge dramatic wail when it came to the moment of Jesus’ dead body being placed in Mary’s arms. But maybe that isn’t over dramatic; standing in Mary’s shoes it must have been desolate. Her son, the Messiah was dead. What was the future now?

The Easter Vigil; as we gathered outside the church the Easter fire was lit and blessed. The Paschal candle was lit and the light passed round everyone there, Christ our Light has come into the world, Alleluia! We renewed our baptism promises and Fr Robin explained to us that dying to sin through baptism is a bit like being plunged under water 3 times, feeling like we are dying; unable to breath, but once through the other side we are born again to new life, a new life in Christ. The followers of Jesus are now filled with joy and wonder; it is not the end and we too celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

        Easter Vigil 2018    Easter Vigil Deaf Choir 2018    Easter Sunday 2018

We are very grateful to Fr Robin Ellwood for celebrating the Easter Triduum (and for celebrating the regular Deaf Mass the next day at Westminster Cathedral Hall) and to the Srs of the Assumption for once again making us feel so welcome.

Christ is risen; he is risen indeed. Alleluia!

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